808 by NRG

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NRG is a rapper, composer, and visual artist that releases track after track online, working hard at his profession and continually pushing his own creative boundaries. 808 is one of his most recent releases, a colorful and ambient, easy-going rhythm that complements his distinct flow and approach to poetry.

The title of 808 is enough to pique your interest. Knowing NRG’s very contemplative and reflective composition, there was a good possibility this would be a tune that never let you go – and that’s exactly what happens within. Unlike many of the more recently available successes that provide a similar trait, NRG’s track does so in a very ambient, peaceful manner.

The musical style of this single creates a constant thread that runs throughout the entire piece of music. The major driving force behind the single is undoubtedly NRG’s voice, but the whole structure of the track is also a significant contributor to its distinctiveness and creativity.

In addition to the fact that the vocal delivery on the track 808 is sure to wow you, the song itself will unavoidably weave its way into your awareness in a somewhat memorable way. When so much fresh hip hop hits the radio every hour, it is difficult to do so, but NRG has discovered a method to do it without resorting to extreme volume levels or superfluous drops. The visuals are spectacular; NRG has done an excellent job of creating a visual arena that complements the track and its underlying philosophy. Throughout, the artist’s performance maintains that fascinating sense of wonder and profound reflection while adding just enough of the waving, fragmented shadows to ensure you’re paying attention. So far, this is one of the year’s most conscious or fascinating rap releases. It’s definitely worth looking into.

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