Back Outside Freestyle by D$G Dae

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On D$G Dae’s latest Freestyle release, a tasteful throwback beat meets a uniquely raspy and rhythmic vocal. Back Outside Freestyle’s soundscape, in particular, grabs you from the start, the crisp and clean finish blending beautifully with those classic elements and layers that transport you to a simpler time.

D$G Dae is a rising artist from Alexandria, Virginia. Nothing can stop him from taking over the world if he has a heart and a passion for his job. With everything going on in today’s culture, Dae gives a new meaning to the word music. His lyrical attitude and skill with words allow him to transport us from our natural world into his universe, where everything is fine. With his EP “Draft Dae,” he speaks about his life and shows everyone that he will be successful one day. With all of the hours Dae devotes to his craft, it’s no surprise that his passion shines through his words and music. You may not know who he is right now, but you will in the coming years.

For this one-of-a-kind departure from prior releases, “D$G Dae” employs a slew of warped hip-hop soundscapes. The voice is the same, instantly recognizable for its freestyle rap delivery and gritty roughness. The effect of the freestyle hip hop energy, on the other hand, definitely elevates the performance to new heights — laid-back, brief notes held for a dancing mood. Though there are just about two and a half minutes of bars and music here, D$G Dae fills that time with enough smooth rhythm, confidence, and purpose to compel even the most traditional hip hop lovers. The delivery has a refreshing air of talent about it – the lyrics, tone, and stripped-back aspect of the performance all point to the genre’s first emergence in music; that depth, honesty, and natural connection to the beat.

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