Beatbox (remix) by ZomB

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Fetching together surprisingly illusory, light synth riffs and contrastingly hefty, dirty bass-lines
and facts, Beatbox (remix) offers a warm yet creative musicality to support the pure high-
energy and spotless bars of the rapper.

ZomB is a versatile rap artist out of Detroit, Michigan. He is a popping artist in Detroit who
predominantly records Rap and Hip-Hop.

He currently has 85k views on YouTube and is gaining more and more fans each day.
ZomB performs at out-of-state shows and drops new music often. Keep an eye out for this
unique sounding up-and-coming artist.

Constantly undertaking back to the hook that is the title impression, relatable and catchy, the
track skins verses in between these ticks that leave you intense to sift back through the lyrics
for the work’s roots.

Freestyle-like and denying to slow down, ZomB has a strong level of identity to his style –
reigniting the freedom of the rap sound but merging in an artistically fresh musical mainstay at
At the same time.

Striking in character and rhyme scheme, musically fresh Beatbox (remix) feels nostalgic and
modest at the same time as being original and refreshing in its cheery yet clever take on the

Sparky and gifted, Beatbox cleverly weaves vocal touches and space around the involved guitar
riffs that are wriggling throughout, offering trilling notes of tension while a sparkling beating
loop drops in and out; to drive and pull and push for moments of prominence. These all work
calmly to give the whole piece a musical plot that makes sense, adds color and retains curiosity.

The diverse riffs loop onto themselves flawlessly, creating a tension that the strong vocals use
to spit rhythmic and energetic interest. When the track ends, unsettled, it’s a real slap in the
face. Fresh, raw, inflexible, honest, intelligent and focused, Beatbox delivers.

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