Big Bag by Q Sav

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An extended intro both visually and musically creates a vast sense of anticipation before the Q Sav injects his uniquely storytelling rap style with character and confidence.Big Bag is a motivational hip hop track at its core, but there’s a clear edge of identity to everything from the vocal tone to the varied flow of the bars and the detail in the lyrics.Reflecting on the times and staying focused on the climb, the drive and the journey all at once, Big Bag feels like an intense yet minimalist anthem for those who pave the way independently.  

Q Sav is a talented hip-hop rap artist from Northside Queens New York. Since he learned that music was his passion in his early days he dedicated his time to polish his born talent as a rapper. With the experience over the years, he is ready to go mainstream and mark his identity with this amazing track. His ever-growing fan base speaks for the quality of the music and its lyrics. Well-crafted, clever, and bold in a quiet, spacious kind of away. An impressive artist, with everything, just as needs to be. 

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