Black Love by Eneeks

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Retro synth melodies and heavy beat-work back up a soulful RnB vocal for this catchy and intimate new single from Eneeks. Leading with a somewhat nostalgic vibe from the outset, the thud of the beat and the contrasting clap builds a vastly accessible pop-like mood. Weave in these long-form verses, passionate and cleanly mixed, and things slowly but surely lean towards refreshing new realms. Black love is a track that can be enjoyed by a wide range of listeners. Plus it would be a good  listen regardless of your current mood. Since it injects  positive vibes in a smooth way. 

Eneeks is a South London rapper who is new to the rap scene. His wordplay makes him special among many rappers. He is known as the artist who captures the truth in his wordplay, constantly challenging the listener to take in every aspect of his complex thoughts. Which helped him to create a buzz in the underground scene of Neo-Soul HipHop. The meaning and the message from his songs are priceless. And he isn’t afraid to talk about stories of love, loss, redemption, relationships, street life, and everyday living. With his amazing music and heart-touching lyrics, he paints a sweet scene in every listener’s imagination. 

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