Blockin Temptations (street mix) by L j Fresh

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Blockin Temptations (street mix) is a nostalgically melodious, uplifting new single from an extraordinarily expressive L J Fresh, made with an air of RnB coupled with the crispness and unity of the present hip hop scene.

L J Fresh is a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based rap musician. He’ll be releasing a new album called “Seven3Classic” soon. It’s the follow-up to his previous albums “Truth No Water,” “I Ain’t Perfect But I’m Good,” and “Gotz To All The Way 100.” 

This upcoming album will be unlike any of his previous ones because he has included his single “Blockin Temptations,” which features soothing vocals by T Levell, alias Thomas Blackburn. The song is about relationships and friends, as well as the problems that keep them apart. On this tune, he channeled his smoother side. “I Hustle The Second Trilogy” is the title of the second track on “Seven3Classic.” 

Blockin Temptations is almost two and a half minutes long and features a number of sections, each giving a different melody, variable weight in the sense of the complexity of the structure, and enough variation to captivate the curiosity of a live audience.

What begins as a really chilled-out slice of hip hop quickly grows into far more of a dance floor smash. The artist’s leading voice meanders through the many sections flawlessly, shifting from a soft aura to something impressively rapid while remaining skillfully in touch with the natural movement of the music.

Even the chord pattern has a distinctive quality to it. L J Fresh does an excellent job of going his own route and naturally letting the beat and wordplay flow. A daring new single in its own right, it will be exciting to see where the music leads him next.

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