Bonefire EP by TomBone

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TomBone’s Bonefire EP” is a bright and rhythmic release loaded with positivity and good vibes. The single comes just in time for the end of the summer, offering audiences a heartfelt message and a BrassTrap inspired instrumental track that both reminds you of the laid back energy of the season and reaches out in an honest and considerate way. TomBone has been playing the trombone since he was a six year old. He is a constant presence in the classical music scene and teaches this wonderful instrument to others. Electronic music has always been close to his heart and he has always loved experimenting with how to get more out of this great instrument. 

There’s a notable level of character to the track – the perspective expressed is done so in a unique way that shines brightly with individuality and personal roots. The single reaches out as the sort that is for anyone and everyone, accessible and relevant to all – exemplifying togetherness and unity.  There’s an easy going mood to the images and this suits the underlying aura of the track. The track’s title, the lyrics, the concept, and indeed much of the production – all of this feeds further into his musical stamp of identity.

As a creative, TomBone is not afraid to utilize space, allowing mere fragments of sound to pave the way for the journey that will follow. Many producers fear space and pauses and it leads to overly full or chaotic soundscapes. Bonefire EP is a strong example of attentive craftsmanship in music and why it’s so important. The  trombone running in the backdrop has a techno-like aura to it, though the genre doesn’t really cross your mind as it plays – you’re captivated by everything that meets with you. The rhythm and movement allows the calm to bring with it an all important element of excitement and possibility. As always, an absolute pleasure to listen to and write about.