Boom Bap (Freestyle) by Bishop

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Los Angeles’ Bishop drives with passion, skill, confidence, and a chaotic telling of his truth throughout this dark and immersive Heavy Metal Freestyle. Despite being only twenty years old, Bishop aims high with a rap freestyle that draws you in and holds you captive for a small yet mighty minute.

Though brief at a simple two and a half minutes, the track strikes like a mainstream hit – connecting for its authenticity, melodic layers, and passion alike, and also captivating with every bar that pours through. A single listen doesn’t suffice. There’s detail and intelligence in the lines. And the overall mood combined with the real-time visuals begs for you to delve in more than once.

Boom bap conveys its story with unrelenting bars and a mesmerizing loop for a tune, backed by a gorgeously acoustic yet trap-kissed backdrop. The track is familiar yet effective from the desire to mood, and it effectively introduces Bishop’s vocal tone and musicality.

The arrangement loops with its confident and inventive energy, making it catchy and unforgettable. The voice on top instills a strong sense of self-identity and leadership, which combines with the groove’s bounce to create a track that organically portrays its suggested topic — inspiring and appropriately encouraging listeners.

If anything, it was far too brief, but it’s better to leave your audience wanting more than to overstay a shaky welcome. A bold and memorable start; hopefully, there will be much more music and freestyles in the future.

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