BrainNumb by EMCEE O.P.

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BrainNumb by EMCEE O.P. is released on March 20, 2021, on Youtube, hoping for a hip hop and rap
genre hit.
EMCEE O.P is a beginner Hip Hop artist still stepping through the first steps of the music industry. This
song is his 2nd song released on Youtube. However, he has been on Soundcloud for quite some time
with few other pieces. Some of them got quite a good number of plays and have been liked and shared
by many listeners.
EMCEE O.P is a hip hop and rap artist based in Brisbane, Australia. His native speaking style clearly
shows off in his songs.
The song runs on a slow tone with a continuous melody that effortlessly exhibits the vocals of the singer.
The sound quality is not much high, and the video is just a simple one with lyrics. He has many things to
learn on this industry as the voice is not the only thing listeners expect from a song. However, with his
talents, EMCEE O.P will learn his faults and will release better quality songs in the future.
Watch EMCEE O.P’s lyric video of BrainNumb on Youtube and listen to his other songs on Soundcloud.

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