Crazy by TH1ZZ

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It is time for an energizing hip hop hit that can bring a smile to your mouth. Crazy by TH1ZZ is an exciting piece of music with fresh and funny tones and acting.

TH1ZZ is a hip-hop artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is an active and funny character who has full of energy. TH1ZZ brings you his latest song release, Crazy with Trigger Tray and Shira Monae, with an exciting and funny video release, making you laugh while entertaining.

Computerized synths and bass beats are all fresh and intriguing. The lyrics of Crazy are flawless and exciting. The vocals of TH1ZZ are energetic, strong, straight, and confident, and you’ll wonder if it’s Akon for a moment because of his deep and intense voice style. The song is about a crazy woman who tortures the narrator. The singer is wondering why is this woman like this. The actings are funny and exciting, which you will stick to it until the song finishes. Overall, the production is unique and quite good.

Watch the official music video release of Crazy on Youtube. Follow TH1ZZ on Twitter and Instagram for more song releases.

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