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Another creative and attractive production by “D Ari” to all the Rap/Alternative lovers out there. D Ari is an amazing, young, and talented artist who is from Mckinney. This awesome soul is always truly passionate about making a whole new sound of his own and he always makes it a reality with an amazing outcome.

“DEATH BED” is one of the significant works that “D Ari” proudly presents to his beloved audience. The sound is unique in every way and features an immediately warm melody and a rhythm at the same time. Some people are born to create music and when you hear D Ari for the first time, you all will agree with me without a doubt. 

This is a deeply thoughtful track, Offering something of a nostalgic yet also refreshingly delicate soundscape throughout the track. You also can feel and experience the soulful, upfront vocals which add a true and beautiful color to this piece of work. D Ari produced and presented “DEATH BED” in a truly passionate way and he could release an amazing lively video for the same too. 
A deeply intimate single, leading with impressive verses that connect someone’s soul and talk to your heart at the same time.  D Ari has cleverly and nicely done this piece of work and you all can enjoy the same through the below links. We truly hope D Ari will come with another amazing new track in the future and stay tuned with him to see his awesome work too.

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