Drunken Master (Freestyle) by BISHOP

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BISHOP from Fort Worth injects new fire and flare into this classic freestyle, “Drunken Master.” It has an instantly recognizable and stylish beat and soundscape, with a relatively amateurish vocal recording riding alongside it. The single brings a distinct tone and flow to provide a new storyline and sequence while also introducing the artist with honesty and confidence.

BISHOP injects a welcome amount of individuality into the present hip hop scene by focusing on story and background, poetry and imagery, intention and color – rather than pace, fast-bars, or pure volume.

“Drunken Master” begins with a rhythmic rap-style beat and an appealing keys riff, exhibiting a continuously variable flow, with an anthem-like hook for comfort but an astonishing amount of depth in the piece’s story-telling.

BISHOP, the rapper and artist, continuously displays himself on a different level than the great majority of freestyle rappers. Fast bars that refuse to fall into the typical traps of much of today’s hip hop, a vocal tone and performance style that is softly confident and easily identifiable, a performance style that is very original and engaging from start to finish

“Drunken Master” stays focused and unafraid to ponder while crafting a catchy, refreshingly simple groove that’s easy to get into.

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