Follow Your Heart by Andrew Farstar

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Coming in at a pretty perfect three minutes thirty, 3G’s keep things classic-pop consistently throughout this brand new single. Featuring a hint of an organic set-up but a generally classic-pop soundscape on the whole, “Follow Your Heart” leads the way with retro production yet a clear live-sound potential all at once. 

Introducing equally nostalgic, soulfully meandering vocals – taking a verse each for clear dynamic and character – Follow Your Heart tells its story amidst a downpour of vintage synths and flickers of stylish, keyboard melody. 

Andrew Farstar is a singer, songwriter, and music producer from Australia. He has been making headlines in the music industry with his singles and albums since 2016. He is a clever and talented artist who sings in different languages and makes songs in different genres such as pop and jazz with a slight electric vibe to it. 

He is also good at making covers of famous songs from the likes of Elton John, Air Supply, and Phil Collins. But what makes him special is that he always manages to add his own style and signature which makes the song refreshing and nicer to listen to. His unique, smooth voice has also captured the hearts and attention of thousands of fans and listeners from all over the world. 

As someone who is blind his work is truly amazing. With over a million streams and top 10 appearances in US radio top charts, he is a talent you should keep an eye on.

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