FOREVER TRILL by Hazel Montana

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The modest and retro artwork of FOREVER TRILL seems surprisingly well-suited to many of the effects and moments that feature within. More than this, though FOREVER TRILL arises with a certain balance between frailty and contemporary hip hop hooks, the track progresses to offer a decidedly creative structure and a series of moments that enthral way more efficiently than first expected.

Hazel Montana (stage name: ItzzYaGurrl) is a versatile musician based in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a popping artist in Little Rock who predominantly sings Hip-hop and Rap.

The ease of the soundscape here is something that shows to work well. Contrast is critical, and the later sections of the track certainly hit with melodic and uplifting effect thanks to how quiet and easy-going the earlier flashes are. In amidst this, Hazel Montana’s voice offers an appropriate level of energy and confidence. The lyrics are honest, vulnerable even, and this, combined with a remarkably minimalist backdrop, means the performance succeeds to link well. There’s even a guitar-like flora to that opening riff, the qualities of which reach out a little more excitingly with each reenters.

The verses layout detail and personality. A performance that wanders and is consistently sensitive and motivating. The soundscape bonds more intensely at these moments, seeing the track suddenly feel like a real hit from Hazel Montana.

FOREVER TRILL is a reasonably refreshing another single to modern RnB and Hip Hop. An energising track with a hiking yet recognisable hook and a likeable groove on the whole.

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