gate way (free dope vibes to chill) by smashville730

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As this genuinely motivating, refreshing, and purposeful new single “gate way” from Smashville730 reaches the scene, creative production and robust sound design combine with firmly planted objectives to create something extraordinary.

Smashville730 has always had the sounds of instruments in his brain since he was a child. Until he started making his music, he was born and raised in New York, currently in Tennessee, decided to stay there after his service in the military, combat veteran just expressing his feelings through the magic of music, Smashville730 is also a first-time homesteader, have a farm full of cows, chickens, ducks, etc., so he is at a point in his life where he can focus on his long term goal and hopefully ON

gate way” builds up from modest, minimalist beginnings through several levels of cinematic intricacy and ambiance, ultimately immersing and engrossing listeners from start to finish in this surprising world of sounds.

The multi-layered sounds and moments that comprise this record are rather refreshing in terms of production. Because that EDM approach is uncommon in hip hop, the final product feels more like an alternative hip-hop single than anything genre-specific.

As the experience progresses, if you listen at total volume – which you should – the moment completely envelops you. The track is everything you’d hope for as a fan of instrumental music or EDM, and yet it’s nothing like you might expect. 

It feels like the final level of a retro game, the depths of some strangely enjoyable nightmare, and the spontaneous intermission at a gig that refuses to let silence fill the space.

It’s incredibly addictive to get on and experience, and when it’s over, an eerie silence falls around you. Only Smashville730 can compose music in this manner and have it leave such an indelible impression. 

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