Good Morning, World by Kendrik Baker

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Carefully balancing gentle organic pop with an electronic lightness, built by delicate and warmth synths, Kendrik Baker offers up the perfect bit of audio escapism to get listeners feeling geared up for the brighter months.

Good Morning, World” is a beautiful song, one that surprisingly lets the strength of its own ambiance lead the way for the most part – the journey isn’t about a melody or a hook, these are present, but they’re not the driving factor for the experience. Instead, the imaginative and gorgeously upbeat soundscape paints a comforting, welcoming aura in the room around you. On top of this, those smooth vocals pour through almost like additional instruments – the soundscape plays a role, the voices play a role, the entire track showcases a certain unity between elements that lets it just shine in the most natural manner.

That groove is infectiously satisfying, easy going yet quick to grab hold of you. Classic pop fans will likely take to this in a second. The fusion of voices during the latter half works beautifully, and all the while the song’s very sentiment is dedicated to a significant other – it celebrates love and adoration in a genuine way. The musical color and the general brightness of the entire soundscape and everything within it reflects these underlying ideas in a fitting manner.

It’s a pleasure to hear a song like this come through among today’s musical landscape – those classic vibes are missed, and what Kendrik Baker has done with the approach is introduce a sound that’s naturally connected to the genre – and to songwriting and performance in general. You get the feeling this is an artist who loves to sing in this way, who loves to make music and be a part of the entertainment and escapism industry; for those who so often turn to it when the noise of the world gets a little too heavy.

It’s captivating, and that hook section resolves beautifully. Not only is the song brilliantly put together, it’s fascinating, it sees the artist open up from the offset and be fully himself, and it deals with a topic that rarely gets touched upon in music and art – at least not under such a professionally impressive light. The song’s concept is represented flawlessly in everything from the lyrics to the general mood it gives the listener. I’m excited to hear where else the music takes Kendrik Baker in the coming months and years.