Half or the Whole by Lil Tech

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Half or the Whole, with its expressive and uplifting melody and hook, is a single that speaks volumes on behalf of Lil Tech’s passion and a positive mindset.

Lil Tech is an Atlanta-based music industry rising star. He is a multi-talented young artist who primarily records hip-hop and pop. Half or the Whole is his most recent release, and it was produced by. @jj

Aiming for the latest dance craze and hip-hop-rap crossover, Lil Tech arrives on the scene with a brand new anthem of heavy bass and simple lyrical repeats that quickly and rhythmically engage audiences.

Half or the Whole enters the room with an air of simple, strictly uplifting confidence, arranged and structured in a firmly kicking, addictive manner. Contrastingly, a few simple synths and a compressed drum-line kick things off.

The descending bassline and diverse vocals help keep people interested throughout, staying close to the conversant threads that make the release instantly recognizable while deviating just enough to amuse the entire song.

The entire soundscape has an optimistic vibe to it, especially the strength of the vocal melody – and later, the depth and motivation of the rap-like vocal. The contrast among these aspects also contributes to the song’s ability to connect and captivate the listener throughout.

With a high-octane rhythm and pace, as well as a deeply reflective, personal, and revealing set of lyrics and a quickly moving progression, the entire thing just breathes good vibes into the room.

Half or the Whole has the potential of a hip hop hit, with the right balance of quirky and catchy. It’s addictive, infectious, and perhaps a little intrusive, but no more than any colorful new stand-out tends to be.

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