Haunted House by Bo Fleek feat. Mystikal

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Initially starts by creating an image of a haunted house in the listeners’ minds; Haunted House by Bo Fleek featuring Mystikal delivers an excellent piece of music that any hip-hop lover will fall in love with.

Bo Fleek is an upcoming hip-hop artist in the USA. He created this song collaborating with Mystical. Bo Fleek is specialized in making songs suitable for Halloween. Haunted House is his latest song release featuring O.G. Legend, Mystikal.

Haunted House starts with some frightening voices of a female and a kid and the sound of opening a door which makes you imagine you are in a Haunted House. Within few seconds, two artists enter with their strong, straight, bold, and confident vocals. They rap at an actually impressive and very fast pace. The rapping style and speed confirm that both artists are well-seasoned artists, and the music is exceptional. The bass beats make your heart beat fast, and the music reminisces horror movies.

A chilling yet energizing piece of music that definitely goes on to the Halloween songs collection. Excellent music production as well as mind-blowing rapping style. We are really impressed with Haunted House.

Listen to Haunted House on Youtube. Follow Bo Fleek on Instagram.

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