Hidden by Only Making Cash

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Setting the mood with ease, the freshly released single “Hidden” introduces the “Only Making Cash” sound and style in a lasting way.

“Only Making Cash” is an anonymous rap and hip hop artist that publishes excellent quality music tracks to Youtube. Hidden is the latest addition with a mellow groove.

Bringing together a smooth beat and an infectious hook with a euphonious overall tune, Hidden offers a mellow yet creative musicality to support the sheer high-energy and faultless bars of the rapper.

Consistently returning to the title concept’s melody, accessible and catchy, the music includes verses in between these moments that leave you wanting to sift back through the lyrics for the song’s roots.

“Only Making Cash” has done an excellent job rhyming the verse and rapping along with the tune at the same time, with mind-blowing lyrics and the music.

Hidden has got a top-quality music production for an artist that made his work published without revealing his identity. We think that he should publish his work with his real name as that way the artist gets a long way along.

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