Hottest In The City by Tae Marion

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Tae Marion’s new single Hottest In The City speaks volumes on behalf of both the skill and talent that stand tall in the season, bringing together a crisp and energetic hip hop sound with a deeply conscious and topically relevant rap backbone.

St. Louis, Missouri’s multi-talented musician “Tae” (Ta’erielle Marion) has developed a reputation for her extended wordplay as a female rapper, singer, and composer and is working hard to establish a fresh sound in hip-hop and R&B. Marion began writing her own music when she was ten years old and has since worked in theatre, select choruses, solo performances, and other musical endeavors. Her first single was “Forever ft Kolyon” who has recently been involved with Rick Ross of MMG and it was released in 2019. Soon after, she took a break from music as she was studying to be a pilot at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Marion is back and better than ever, with features and beats from some of the game’s hottest artists. Tae’s relatable lyrics and flawless delivery enable her to diversify her sound and create a visually appealing hip-hop mix.

The bass sound has a solid warmth to it, almost distant and thunderous but vital to the overall weight of the song. Then we get these voice and effect fragments, with the personality in the voice being enough to give Hottest In The City an original flavor while still emerging soaked in an electronic embrace.

Tae Marion comes across as a fairly carefree, confident artist with an ear for both melody and opportunity. The heavy synth backdrop to this track adds a hip-hop vibe that complements the flow and rhythm of the vocal and the weight of the beat in a refreshing, effective way. Without a doubt, the whole thing is loaded with character, creative freedom, and recognizable traits. Another step in a new direction from the ever-versatile Tae Marion.

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