I Hustle (The Second Trilogy) (feat. Rellik) by L J Fresh

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With the voice enjoying a significant mix of hot and cold signals, you really get to concentrate on the lyrics on L J Fresh’s superbly produced new track, I Hustle.

L J Fresh is a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based rap musician. He’ll be releasing a new album called “Seven3Classic” soon. It’s the follow-up to his previous albums “Truth No Water,” “I Ain’t Perfect But I’m Good,” and “Gotz To All The Way 100.” 

This upcoming album will be unlike any of his previous ones because he has included his single “Blockin Temptations,” which features soothing vocals by T Levell, alias Thomas Blackburn. The song is about relationships and friends, as well as the problems that keep them apart.

On this tune, he channeled his smoother side. “I Hustle The Second Trilogy” is the title of the second track on “Seven3Classic.” 

L J Fresh and Rellik collaborate on some masterfully sung unison voices that transcend an octave in an enticing fashion and lead us deliciously into an ambient ending.

I Hustle sneaks up over us far too fast, concluding fairly harshly to make us press the repeat button. It’s almost as though we’ve left the mild mix behind and entered a tropical rainstorm.

It is a smoother beat, still on the point of exploding into an EDM drop at any minute, but colorful and deliberate enough to carry its own vibe throughout.

This track works well; it’s a well-produced anthem with a range of melodic riffs and moments to make things fresh and compelling throughout.

The track I Hustle lays out a vibe that wonderfully reflects the story’s theme, riding on the power of its own hook and that stunningly colored, multi-layered atmosphere.

Spacious verses allow for more character to emerge – short phrases and vocal inflections that give you a greater understanding of the artists and their sounds.

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