I Hustle (The Second Trilogy) (feat. Rellik) by L J Fresh

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For the new hip hop song I Hustle, L J Fresh maintains his singing prominent and crisp, with clever production delivering dramatic detailing very briefly until a soft bass-beat comes in and uplifts the mood.

L J Fresh is a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based rap musician. He’ll be releasing a new album called “Seven3Classic” soon. It’s the follow-up to his previous albums “Truth No Water,” “I Ain’t Perfect But I’m Good,” and “Gotz To All The Way 100.” This upcoming album will be unlike any of his previous ones because he has included his single “Blockin Temptations,” which features soothing vocals by T Levell, alias Thomas Blackburn. 

The song is about relationships and friends, as well as the problems that keep them apart. On this tune, he channeled his smoother side. “I Hustle The Second Trilogy” is the title of the second track on “Seven3Classic.” This is a harsher, more attractive single featuring Fort Wayne rapper Rellik Aka Darick Milton.

 L J Fresh chose this tune to demonstrate to his fans that he still has the lyrical skills to rap quickly while also rapping about things. The “Seven3Classic” single, which will be released on July 16th, will be one of L J Fresh’s best efforts to date.

I Hustle, which features the combined skills of L J Fresh and Rellik, begins with a lighthearted tone but quickly transitions into a number of more dramatic, emotionally powerful themes.

The connection between the two main figures is outstanding, and the I Hustle continues to enchant listeners with its addicting and unique soundtrack.

The entire thing beats from its own drum, while with only enough clues of inspiration and familiarity to really connect.

Clever bars, one-of-a-kind sound design, passion, and accuracy fused – I Hustle distinguishes out for its character strength, skill, and competence all at once. This season, it’s well worth a couple of spins.

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