I need you in my life by Nou’L Ye

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“I need you in my life” by Nou’L Ye was released on Youtube on December 2, 2020. The song has a
significant view count of 189,222 views and more than 1100 likes on Youtube within three months.
Nou’L YE is a Kompa artist based in Haiti. “I need you in my life” is the first and foremost song release of
Nou’L YE, and it went viral right away because of its unique style and entertaining melody.
Kompa is a music genre that originated in Haiti. This modern Méringue dance music is famous
worldwide because of African drum beats and other lovely African music that can make you dance to a
The song “I need you in my life” comes with a rhythmic melody that can shake your body subconsciously.
Maybe that is the reason it went up on Youtube so fast.
“I need you in my life” is about a young unbreakable love that sang in Haitian language mixed with some
English phrases. Although the song doesn’t mean anything to the listeners who don’t understand the
language, the music still gets loved by listeners worldwide because of its melody.
Overall the song and the video is top quality. We are sure that we will hear many more incredible songs
from Nou’L YE in the future.

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