If I Died Today by MTP

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MTP’s newest single, “If I Died Today,” aspires high, demonstrating both his professionalism and expertise as a composer and his flawless flow and lyrics as a rapper and writer.

Originally from Sicklerville, South Jersey, Matt Perry, commonly known as MTP, is a dynamic 21-year-old up-and-coming rapper who primarily records Rap and Hip-Hop. This is the second song off MTP’s latest album, Glass Box, and it is titled “If I Died Today.” Austin Dream mixed and mastered “If I Died Today,” which was shot and edited by AntDavideo.

Beginning with the instantly memorable “If I Died Today,” the single infuses your life with deep thinking and reflective realism. A modest beat and a few distant riffs drift through the song, accompanied by a strong, passionate leading voice of MTP. The lyrics do all of the work, and the music doesn’t require any gimmicks or oddities to give it weight — something you grow to recognize and enjoy during the song.

If I Died Today” is a piece of easy music to vibe to and identify after only hearing it once. The soundtrack has a chilled-out vibe to it, and the vocals are equally peaceful yet solid, firmly placing the song among the majority of modern releases in the genre. 

Rather than just pouring through, the tune has a sense of building intensity — the vocals are laid back until they aren’t, then a sprinkle of passion is poured into the mix, a shot of swagger that drives the hip hop aspect through quite a more forcefully.

If I Died Today” is a pleasant piece to listen to on repeat; with each hearing, you catch something interesting, you feel a bit closer to the artist MTP, and the music constantly fills the space in a relaxed and energizing manner. One of the best songs of the season and well worth a listen.

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