Jumpin by Ron-Ron

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With his new single, ‘Jumpin,’ Ron-Ron injects a welcome amount of uniqueness into the
present hip hop scene by focusing on story and setting, lyricism and imagery, intent and color –
rather than tempo or fast-bars or pure volume.

Ron Curry is a two-edged sword in hip hop. A professional basketball player who lives in
Europe. He is also a multi-talented vocalist and rapper known by the stage name Ron-Ron. With
his profoundly layered and well-crafted production, he is a very different and uniquely wired
musician who isn’t afraid to break the norms and push the boundaries of our perception. His
ambition, focus, and persistence will propel him to become a relentless and unstoppable force
in the independent Hip Hop circuit. He was born in Philadelphia, PA, and reared in Pennsauken,
NJ. Ron-Ron creates music out of a desire to motivate, inspire, and communicate his narrative
in his own unique style.

Ron-Ron has a number of projects under his belt, and the most prominent of which is
“ENDZONE,” which has over 43k streams, “Big Pump,” which has over 80k views on YouTube, “F
I U,” which has over 20k views on YouTube, and his debut album, “12:12,” which was published
in March of 2021.

Jumpin exhibits a way of production that refreshes and skillfully contrasts with the tempo and
the vigor of the vocal by blending a rather dreamy and unusual ambiance with a persistent
the outpouring of bars from the singer.

Great vocals, expressive throughout, a fantastic atmosphere, and the beat feel well-connected
to the actual subject and lyrical evolution. The Ron-Ron verses also help to keep things exciting,
moving, and looking at things from new perspectives, ensuring that inspiration and possibilities
remain at the forefront.

Jumpin enters the scene with a colorful and strong set of graphics, introducing a variety of
flows that progress from introductory and peaceful periods to the overwhelming unity and
rhythmic strength of the hook. The bars also impress, keeping things new and telling a personal
and relevant story to a bigger audience looking for motivation.

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