Lemon Pepper by LightSkin

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Introducing a conceptually provocative, uniquely expressive track “Lemon Pepper” by this amazing soul “LightSkin.” Hip Hop and Rap genres always bond and blend nicely together and Lightskin has made a nice piece of work through these amazing music styles. light skin is from Brooklyn and he always wanted to do something different when it comes to music.

Conceptual hip hop and Rap along with desirably creative soundscapes – Easygoing takes listeners down a nostalgic, dreamy pathway that longs for simplicity as well. light skin released one of the most amazing videos for the track “Lemon Pepper ” and it is on fire without a doubt. When you watch the video, you will not be able to take your eyes away until the end. 

The audience is also already engaging with this awesome track at the moment and An impressively thoughtful track, with a modern mainstream sound yet more than enough realism & personal depth to connect on a genuine level. Every tune is unique, thoughtful, intelligently framed, and captures affection for its honesty and vulnerability qualities which are reinforced by the quietly passionate tone of the vocals as well. 

Without a doubt, you will add this amazing track “Lemon Pepper” to your playlist and you all will love the unique vibe, flow, and true color of the same. Stay tuned with LightSkin to see his magnificent work in the future. You all can listen, witness the track through the below links, and do follow him as well. 

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