MURDA TALK by Lacuna

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Lacuna’sMURDA TALK” focuses on his words and motivating energy by combining emerging hip-hop tunes and hard-hitting lyrics with a definite sense of identity.

The rapper Lacuna is a multi-talented young musician and rapper from the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, who primarily records Hip-Hop and Rap music. MURDA TALK is his most recent release, which Fooliomadeit produced.

MURDA TALK introduces a deeply contemplative artist with an authentic writing style. Fearless in his display of vulnerability and commitment to faith. Far more than just immersive for its musical qualities, which ring loud and clear in a humble way amidst an otherwise loud and quirky contemporary scene.

MURDA TALK is a daring debut, melodic and haunting, hefty and intimate at the same time, displaying a strong sense of identity and bravery that is authentic to the artist’s style.

Impressive bars, changing pace, solid and laid-back yet intelligent when needed – all of which complement the music’s creative nature.

The song has a new feel to it, dreamlike and multi-layered, bass-heavy but delicate and stylish. In the midst of all, the voice paves the market with quick bars and creative, sophisticated rhymes and phrases, concepts that excite and promise optimism.

Lacuna’s voice has a clear sense of identity, and this is not just his rap voice but the entire voice or sound of his tracks. 

MURDA TALK marches to its own beat, but with just enough indications of influence and familiarity to really connect.

Lacuna’s clever bars, one-of-a-kind sound design, passion, and perfection are all combined. MURDA TALK stands out for its character strength, competence, and professionalism all at the same time. This summer, it’s well worth a couple of spins.

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