Narnia by TYJ

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“Narnia” by TYJ was released on Youtube on March 22, 2021, hoping for a hip hop/R&B hit. The song has
got 3342 views on Youtube with more than 60 likes within a week. TYJ is the stage name of Steven Smith, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Born on April 18 2001, Steven is a hip hop and R&B artist in Alabama. He is also a religious person who believes in Jesus.

Steven Smith is an active member of Soundcloud who has 1290 followers. In addition to the song
“Narnia”, he has released several other pieces on Soundcloud. His latest song, “Justice,” released 17
days ago produced by Gibbo, had initial success in Soundcloud with more than 28k plays and 825 likes.
“Narnia” is written by Akash Lakhani and sang by Steven Smith known as TYJ. The song is about Jesus,
where he thanked him for giving this life.

For a beginner artist, he has done a satisfactory job though he got much more to learn. The sound
quality is not enough to satisfy the listener. However, we can assure you that he will correct these faults
in his future music projects.


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