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“NTS,” a single rap song by E.D., is released on March 19, 2021, hoping to hit the charts in the Hip
Hop/Rap genre.
E.D. is an up-and-coming rap artist from Owensboro, Kentucky. He has a very grimy, old school, hard-
hitting sound that suits conscious rap and trap music. E.D. has the ability to perform perfect technical
raps. His wordplay, punchlines, and metaphors stand-out rather than other beginner rap artists that
many listeners may mistakenly think that he is a pro.
NTS is focused on hardcore hip-hop fans. The song belongs to both the hip hop and rap genre. The sound,
melody and lyrics are top quality that we sure will see a rising star from E.D. soon.
The video release for NTS is Produced by Lumin8, Directed by Ed Carter & Reggie Banger, Shot by Reggie
Banger, and Edited by Reggie Banger.
E.D has released 4 singles and one eps on Apple Music and was collaborated on three songs with B
Money, Davas, Ac, Jm en Un Tono Diferente & Aizer. NTS is the latest song release of E.D. in 2021.
You can watch his Youtube video of NTS on Youtube and listen to other songs on Apple Music.

Follow E.D. on Social Media

Twitter: TheBlockDoctor_

Instagram: edwincarter94

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