Pain Away by LightSkin

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Leading with a clear sense of artistic freedom and retro, meandering production vibes – LightSkin celebrates the audio and video space in a passionate manner.  LightSkin is a Hip Hop and Rap artist who always has a true passion and a positive vibe towards music. This talented soul is from  Brooklyn, NY and he recently released another single “Pain Away” to all the audience out there. 

“Pain Away” is blending the catchy qualities of Hip Hop music with a rap vocal outpouring, a clean mix, and a colourful bounce of a soundscape. Incredible musicianship and a genuinely original manner of composition that runs through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, structure, and clear emotion are highlighted every step of the way as well.

.”LightSkin” always wanted to do something different and entertain the audience with his precious music. He always wants to work on a different platform and bring down the unique music with a great vibe as well. “Pain Away” is a fine example of a great outcome of this talented soul. 

Great songwriting, a passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry. LightSkin has done a great video to this track at the same time, which has a different catchy vibe as well. Stay tuned with LightSkin to see more of his awesome work in the future and witness the track through the links below.

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