Praise Medley by Tj Dairo

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If ever a song was perfectly designed to open up a conceptually considerate project, Praise Medley is the one. A clear sense of funk meets with a Sermon-style spoken vocal that inspires confidence and invites the audience to participate.

Tj was born into the famous Musical Dairo family and is nephew to the late I.K Dairo (MBE). Tj began erudition to play musical instruments at the stage of 14; by the age of 16, he was already playing six devices, including the bass guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and drums.

Tj worked with a wide range of artists and producers during his career, including Michelle Williams (destiny’s child), Terry Walker, Helen Baylor, Adlan Cruz, Kush, Muyiwa&Riversongz, Patti Boulaye, Tim Hughes, Graham Kendrick, Gabriel Eziashi, and many more.

As a gifted songwriter, arranger, and producer based in the UK, Tj continues to work on various projects and genres, including Christian and mainstream music. He holds a Jazz and Popular Music Studies diploma from the London Goldsmith university and is also a graduate of Software Engineering from the University of Westminster. As a recording artist, Tj’s has released many different albums and singles used in churches and concerts worldwide.

That leading voice is mesmerizing. The tenor and the delivery fit the mood and purpose of this writing perfectly. So all wanted in the background are these dashes of choir-like murmurs, a mellow beat, and a glimmer of electric guitar in the distance.

The entire thing is so spacious and calming to have filled the room. Tj breathes life into the melody at every step. Understanding the likes of Boys to Men in RnB-meets-gospel style, but holding things focused and of depth regarding the underlying faith and dedication to a higher power.

That melody and these words in Praise Medley are easy to connect with and involve yourself in, which is an enormous calling card in terms of the compelling pop songwriting of Tj Dairo.

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