Purple by T3ch 2.0

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A heavy and quickly memorable hook stands tall on this latest release from T3ch 2.0. Before this moment, the track offers a uniquely dreamlike and entrancing soundscape, alongside of which the artist’s lyricism and vocal style present a mellow yet captivating story-line – one that lets the mind wander as escapism intensely sets in. 

The production on this track is top notch, you barely make the genre application at all – this distant trap beat contrasts with the delicacy and warmth of the synths, and all the while the artist’s leading voice builds up slowly; gathering pace and intensity as the music evolves. The journey picks up weight as it moves along, though it never loses sight of that original vibe – that chord progression that echoes out in the backdrop.

T3ch 2.0 is a creative hip hop artist from Atlanta. He creates refreshing music that has the pure hip hop vibe so any hip hop fan can enjoy . His vocals and wordplay are equally strong . so he manages to amaze us with his vocals while giving a great message though the track. As a rapper, there’s a simple yet flawless rhythm and sense of confidence and character toT3ch 2.0’s performance. The thought that has gone into this set-up effectively moves Purple up and away from the majority of simple hip hop loops and releases. There’s something far more artistic and intentional about this. It hits hard, but it takes its time to do so. T3ch 2.0 offers confidence and style, as well as superb musicality. A rare and impressive combination.

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