Quotas by Freret

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Freret’s Quotas is an addictive new addition to the contemporary hip hop scene, promising a breath of fresh air for both its modest, authentic musicality and the equally genuine, intentional, and contemplative nature of its concept. It works hard to remind us of the genre’s origins in the heart and soul.

Freret is a versatile Upcoming artist from New Orleans, LA. He is a popping artist in New Orleans who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap.

In some ways, the outpouring feels both mellow and manic – gasping yet woozy, swiftly but hypnotically, calmingly rhythmic and pleasing. The ideas are relevant but portrayed with a new edge of emotional, poetic depth, which feels refreshing – it convinces you, draws you in, and arouses thought while urging you to hit rewind for a closer subscribe to those little gems sprinkled all through.

The tone, the faultless rhythm, the clever bars, rhymes, its intelligence, and the refreshing way the ideas of hardship and self-drive are re-crafted – all of this impresses, connects in a deeply human way, and engages the listener from start to finish.

Musically, Quotas pays homage to the simpler hits of the past by focusing on a heartfelt subject matter and voice through a subtly uplifting piece of music that naturally feels good to escape into. The writing has depth, the delivery matches this with calm confidence, and the whole thing begs you to listen more than once.

Beneath all of this, the soundscape has the ease of classic hip hop, but the freshness, simplicity and pace of trap and contemporary rap. Freret unites with the beat, naturally flowing through the process, making the whole thing feel genuine, and easily crafted.

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