Record In Time by K-Saulz & DiffHop 

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Music is a unique and different platform for each and everyone around the world. K-Saulz & DiffHopare is one of the best, young and talented artists who started their journey with a great vibe. “Record In Time” is the freshly released track by these awesome souls with a unique and magnificent touch all over the track.

When you open the track, you will get the vibe that this is something different, attractive, and nice at the same time. K-Saulz & DiffHop have nicely and creatively done their work as a good duo and we have to appreciate their creativity as the audience as well. Not every artist can attract the audience like the way these talented souls and jobs are well done.

Everything shines brightly in this track – the work put into it has clearly been thought through, looked over, and essentially made to count. Later on, as you get further into the track, the vocal performances are sensational. The music, vocals, and melody add a whole new dynamic to this track and bring the track smoothly but surely forward from the amazingly mellow to the passionately massive. 

On top of it all, the rap vocal has this thoroughly chilled out sound to it, a mood which passes on to you as you listen; it’s effective, its music doing what it should, flowing freely to make you feel good when you listen. Rather than shouting or screaming to get your attention , K-Saulz & DiffHop speak with a calm sort of confidence – a certainty that is easy to listen to and take on board. It makes it all very believable, and therefore pretty easy to trust and relax to.

“Record In Time” is an awesome track and we are pretty sure you all are going to love this track once you listen to the same. Stay tuned with K-Saulz & DiffHop, to witness many more awesome works in the future as well.

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