Righteous by LA The Great

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This pleasant and mellow summer tune Righteous is brought to you by LA The Great. The song moves slowly to fill the room, beginning with a dreamlike ambiance and continuing into a delicate bounce of a beat before transitioning into a more Dallas-inspired lyrical flow.

Hailing from Dallas, TX. LA The Great delivers an unorthodox style filled with originality and dope punch lines. With hard beats that give you eargasms and keep your head ringing, I’d say the future for LA is bright. He is currently signed to Mac Town Records and continues to set the bar high with each and every release.

On this newest single from hip hop’s LA The Great, a tastefully classic groove is paired with a raspy and rhythmic vocal in its delivery. The soundscape, in particular, captures you right away, and the crisp and clear finish blends well with the traditional elements and layers that transport you back to a simpler time in the process of listening. 

In the same vein, the synths and textures that come intermittently all through the track have a distinct air of originality — great production helps produce something that is constantly growing and continuously intriguing.

In order to ensure that the single grab attention, LA The Great has managed to strike a balance between a relatively classic and thus appealing hip hop sound and just enough of that unpredictable, personality-driven style to ensure that the single grabs attention.

It should, because there is thought put into the writing, and there is a broader issue at work than most of the more straightforward ideas offered up in much of contemporary rap music right now. There is always a bit to be gained from music that deviates from the norm.

Righteous‘ is unquestionably a valuable piece, with high-quality production, creativity, and personality – I’m looking forward to hearing where else the music takes LA The Great in the following months and years.’

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