Rock and Foundation” (Rock with You) by Goddess Dortheá

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Silky and sticky vocals direct with breathy intend and multiple layers of delicacy on Goddess Dortheá’s uniquely winding, self-aware new R&B single Rock and Foundation.

Goddess Dortheá is a Detroit-native and Los Angeles transplant. She is best known as a spiritual songwriter and soul healing vocalist, published author, and holistic healing mystic. She is a full-time Spiritual Counselor and Ordained Interfaith Minister who uses music as her mystical ministry.

Through her music, Goddess Dorthea hopes her transformation journey and inspire self-discovery serves as an inspiration for all women to tap into their divinity – encouraging divine feminine energy, self-love, creative expression, and the divinity of their own magic.

The clatter of the beat and the conflicting tap build a vastly attainable pop-like mood from the start, with a quite nostalgic vibe. Weave in these deep verses, passionately and cleanly blended, and things will gradually but steadily shift towards totally fresh realms.

Rock and Foundation introduce the skillfully meandering vocal harmonies of Goddess Dortheá in a way that feels acquainted yet also indicative of an artist ready to pave her own way, with a likable beat that injects a level of weight and easily recognizable styling into the track.

Beautifully crafted, with a longer-form melody than most pop songs, fusing that RnB meander with a more comforting structure for something that essentially delivers the best of both worlds.

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