Saddam Hussein by Benihana Baby9

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“Saddam Hussein” by Benihana Bay9 is premiered on March 19, 2021, on Youtube.

Saddam Hussain is a Hip Hop style song from the Upcoming Album “Bamela Anderson”. Benihana Baby9 is a beginner Hip Hop Artist who aims high and hits the mark with Hip Hop style.

Saddam Hussein is created in freestyle, confident and passionate vocals and a slow rhythm that calms the listener. The vibes of this song makes you sit back and think about life.

The song is about Saddam Hussain, a former president of Iraq that made headlines in newspapers worldwide. Saddam convicted many crimes against humanity, including willful killing, illegal imprisonment, deportation, and torture. He was sentenced to death by hanging but killed and beheaded in the Battle of Karbala. Since he was a famous character, many songs and movies created about him and this song is the latest one.

Benihana baby9 is from Houston, Los Angles is a rising hip hop star in Houston. This upcoming artist has released 11 songs to the Apple Music and Sound Cloud so far and will be releasing more freestyle type songs in the future.Watch Saddam Hussein (Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti) on Youtube.Follow Benihana Baby9 on Instagram. Listen to Benihana Baby9’s songs on Apple Music and Soundcloud.

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