SAUCED UP! by O.G. Vouge Citi

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Heavy beats with a strong edge of bass, contrasted but still complemented by a smoother, lighter, yet quick vocal line — Huntsville’s O.G. Vouge Citi combines melody with rap for this wonderfully detailed scene-setter of a late-night song.

“SAUCED UP!” is a honey-drenched hip-hop/rap delicacy with some exciting creative choices to keep things unique, with a catchy tone, rapid-fire falsetto, an impressive vocal range, and omnipresent trap beats.

“SAUCED UP!” draws the ear’s attention to the snicket, crunchy beat, and, of course, the O.G. Vouge Citi vocal. Or, more accurately, lyrics — there’s a plethora of them on exhibit.

O.G. Vouge Citi has put together some highly catchy riffs to which he has added his singing abilities. And he’s not going to be timid about expressing himself. His genuine accent refuses to kowtow to the conventional nuggets of wisdom that are all-too-often buzzing around.

“SAUCED UP!” sees the intensity increase – a grittier, heavier beat, a wandering vocal that alternates between high energy and calmer contemplation. Throughout the song, O.G. Vouge Citi’s bars, vocal style, and tone, this soundscape and thoughts united, all make sure to deliver a piece of music that’s progressively easy to relate to and escape amidst.

“SAUCED UP!” is so captivating that you’ll wonder if you blinked and missed it in three and ten minutes. The mix is massive, with vast slabs of sound compressed such that everything feels louder than almost anything else, and there’s a lovely sense of swirling excess to the whole thing, lending a practically mystical flavor to the audio experience.

O.G. Vouge Citi is a musician and vocalist that understands the importance of creating an atmosphere and a moment with his songs. “SAUCED UP!” presents that sort of inventiveness in a moment, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundscape that is both modern and soothing.

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