ShowBiz by I’ven Dayton Ft Jonni Curtis

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Hip hop artist I’ven Dayton leads with seductively impressive melodies and a smooth soundscape on this latest single. Beautiful meandering vocals take you through the various intricacies of the storyline, always presenting the perfect level of passion and delicacy with which the concept naturally shines. ShowBiz is a great song, classically rooted in the dawn of the Hip hop genre in many ways – feeling like an easy fit, with just enough of an alternative twang to let it appeal to a contemporary audience. Having said that, the production is top-notch and undoubtedly fresh. The rap vocal between melodic moments also helps take things in a definitely original direction. Jonni should be created for the mesmerizing rap.

Iven is a talented hip-hop artist from Nashvile who is trying to make her mark in the industry. She wants to make cool music that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. The chilled vibe of this song makes her voice reach out to a way larger audience. Iven’s special talent is to keep the attention of the audience and make them live in the song through her amazing vocals. Combined with Jonni’s scintillating rap it creates a surreal experience. 

The more you hear it, and like the track, itself progresses, step by step the building blocks add more and more strength to the song. The two opposing vocal parts for the hook sound stunning together, the descent through the falsetto notes is as flawless as everything else, and meanwhile, these echoes or fragments of additional voices rain down in a gorgeously entrancing manner. 

There’s a musical simplicity to this track that stands a little taller with each revisit. It’s a simple beat, but the song in full sounds bigger than it should – the work of those vocals; powerful performances throughout help craft something quickly satisfying and much more memorable than the average release. A well-written song is bettered only by a fitting arrangement, a magnetic performance, and a fine production job – in this case, you get all of this and more. A timeless single, well worth a spin.  

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