Sorry Not Sorry by LightSkin

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Clean-cut keys and hip-hop vibes kick off this retro sound-play single from LightSkin. Blending musical simplicity and space with a clear contemporary influence on the vocal front, Sorry Not Sorry keeps the mood steady yet creative, and continues to bring in fresh twists of character and color throughout its lifespan. 

Fusing rap and melody alongside multiple layers of minimalist yet memorable musicality, the track intrigues fairly quickly, and later goes on to impress with ease as the lyrics and subtle confidence of the leading rap vocals lay bare and unexpectedly detailed story-line. Sorry, Not Sorry is an interesting track for every hip-hop fan.

LightSkin is a young upcoming hip hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. he was a hip hop fan as a child. Since he started singing at a very young age he was able to polish his natural talent over the years. What’s special about  LightSkin is that he is so passionate about the music he makes and he wants to create new music and elevate hip hop as a genre. He has managed to be the center of an amazing fan base who loves the vibe of his music. Even he understands his audience and gives them songs that feel like nothing you have ever heard before. 

LightSkin partnered with Yung Kha to bring you this soulful song. The clean vocal presentation for the rap verse offers a welcomed tip of the hat to classic, unaffected hip hop. He is clearly a future superstar in the making and one you should keep an eye on. It’s a job well done – a genuinely new, interesting release, with modern-day appeal and a certain timelessness all at once. 

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