SWISH by Caleb Wildcard

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Caleb Wildcard was born and raised in the northwest and has been a musical force to be reckoned with since he was just 10 years old! Caleb plays 5 different instruments and uses them all to compose his unique blend of pop, hip hop, and indie style hits fused with his amazing ability to convey emotion with conviction. Caleb Wildcard is known for his catchy lyrics and thought provoking song concepts as well as his versatility and ability to create hit songs that cross multiple genres seamlessly. Although he had been labeled a child prodigy, it wasn’t until early 2018 that Caleb started amassing a following after recording his first studio album, “Undeniable” and meeting PDX based heavy hitting producer, Sean Teach.

Today we are featuring his song “SWISH”. The video furthers also stylistically simple strength of the music in the perfect way, and the freestyle effectively seals the deal. Caleb Wildcard takes his moment to shine, fearlessly and faultlessly pouring bar after bar into the performance, lighting up the room, reflecting on anything and everything that comes to mind within the walls of the theme.

Classic good vibes, crisp production and uniquely interesting raps. Without a doubt, far from the last we’ll hear of him. Check out the full video to see for yourself. Follow him on Instagram.

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