TAKEOFF by G Shamp

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An addictive new addition to the contemporary hip-hop scene. It works hard to remind us of the heart & soul that was the origin of the genre. G Shamp is another amazing, well-talented artist who wants to entertain the audience with his awesome music. Having been passionate about Hip Hop and Pop genres, he recently released one of his magnificent singles “TAKEOFF” to all the beloved fans out there.

 “TAKEOFF” is a well worth exploring track with an awesome melody and a flow until the end of the track. Without a doubt, this whole thing will give you a positive boost and at the same time, this is a fine mood fixer too. G Shamp is leading with an immediate appeal for blending a decidedly colorful soundscape with a hip hop hook that’s quickly anthem-like in its attractive vocals and melodic embrace as well.

Refreshingly creative sound design, Lyrically fresh, reflective, and honest with smartly tuned in with what works on a modern level. The whole thing urges you to turn up the volume, appreciating the various intricacies of the soundscape and losing yourself in the energy at the very same time.

It is time to listen to this piece of work and you can check the track through the link below. We hope G Shamp will come with an amazing video to this track soon. Stay tuned with him to witness more awesome work in the future.

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