This is Happening by Powerman Mc featuring Murv Douglas

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A tune for right now, fresh, full of life and energy, “This is Happening” by Powerman Mc feat. Murv Douglas is the next hip-hop/pop hit you were looking for.

Powerman Mc is a hip hop/ rock/pop artist from Los Angles, California. This is Happening is his latest music video release featuring Murv Douglas.

Powerman is giving out a powerful message to the world through his song. The song explains what happens to the world because of racism and hatred. It shows the brain behind all those destructions and how to stop it in a storytelling approach. This is happening flows through more than 7 minutes which is equal to 2 songs time, but it’s worth watching every bit of it because “this is what needs to happen to our people around the world”.

People around the world build up wars for power and money, and the most powerful ones are the ones who instigate terror, racism and hatred. Innocent people become victims of those setups and spread the hate, not knowing its consequences. We need to stop that right now. This life is not worth spending with hatred. 

Learn to love people, learn to live with anyone, bring peace and harmony to every human being. That way, you can make a better world for yourself, your children and every other human in this world.

The song flows through energetic synths and powerful drum beats that can make you dance subconsciously. The vocals of Powerman MC and Murv Douglas are strong, deep, and confident, and the lyrics are meaningful and giving you a powerful message.

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