Time Flies by Wide Pants

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Directly addressing the chill-hop, lo-fi sound of the moment amidst a beautifully creative edge, Wide Pants designs ambient soundscapes that hypnotically embrace listeners for that essential calm and control as you go about your work day or commute. The single Time Flies strikes up a wave of focused energy as Tides pours through, uniting laid-back rhythms with dashes of upfront synth melodies and a wash of warmth in the background. When you listen to it you will fly back to your teens and if you were there in the 90’s it will be an extra special experience  for you. The nostalgia it brings cannot be explained in words. 

Wide Pants is a hip hop artist who makes hip hop beats in the 90s style. Boombap, Lofi, Chillhop and instrumental beats to enjoy. His classic music is so smooth to listen to and the old school vibe is pure. With over 15 year of experience in making music  that helps people to chill and relax he paints a picture of how beautiful and simple the 90’s were in every listener’s imagination. His vision is to keep the golden era of hip hop music alive with his soothing beats. That noble goal has made it quite  popular not only in Germany but all  around the world. 

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