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Tuneful hip hop melodies and somewhat hurried vocals combine with a mellow groove and click-rhythm to create a combination of funk and RnB intensity – DR FUNK LLOYDD The upbeat and groovy “U MAD” by DD works its magic with ease.

DR FUNK LLOYDD’s music is a mash-up of Hip Hop, R&B, and Funk. He refers to it as Funk Hop music, and it will provide you with pleasant vibrations and feel-good music.

He is an independent recording artist, singer, songwriter, rapper, and music producer residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Before he started making music, he was a street dancer, and he still is today. Popping and Locking and other types of dance are what first drew him to music. Nobel Records is his own indie music label.

Featuring a fully-loaded soundscape of funk and hip hop fused, the track shows rap and RnB Vocal styles a cleanly-mixed hip hop vocal lead before resolving for an anthem-like hook with a catchy rhythmic pulse; for a true hit of originality

“U MAD” exhibits an inspired vocal progression through the moments – long-form meanderings that stick to a known pattern, for that Funk quality, but also weave in the sense of freedom and character.

Musically flawless, lively and brilliant, uplifting and near-euphoric at its height, “U MAD ” rises tall on the strength of its musicianship and DR FUNK LLOYDD’s performance energy. However, inside this, we find the personal qualities, the revealing and sensitive lyrics that connect with each revisit.

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