Vitamins by GMG

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“Vitamins” by GMG (feat. MACI, JDR MOB) was released on Youtube on October 31, 2020.
GMG is a rap and hip hop artist based in Houston, USA. “Vitamins” is the first song released by GMG on
Youtube. So far, he has uploaded two music videos to his Youtube channel. As a beginner artist, he has
accomplished a considerable state by gaining more than 1.6K views to his first song, “Vitamins,” on

GMG has collaborated with MACI and JDR MOB in this song, “Vitamins,” and it runs on a little less than
two and a half minutes.
The song flows on a slow beat with a repeating tone which highlights the vocals of the singer. The lyrics
are entertaining and straightforward that makes the listeners feel the euphoria of hip-hop music.
As GMG is just starting out, we can’t expect great music from him. But he will get to the point that
makes him shine if he continues his hip-hop industry journey. But for a beginner artist, he has done
what most people hesitate to do, making his own music. And we appreciate that.

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