We’re From Penrith By The Crow (Official Music Video)

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Music always acts as a mood fixer and of course music is a universal language. When it comes to music genres, there are so many that you can find out. Rap music is an awesome genre and it is interesting to go through. Some people would love to express their inner thoughts by a song more than just talking.

“The Crow” is an upcoming rapper who is based in Penrith ,NSW, Australia. He is insanely offensive but also extremely based. This guy says what you wish you could in this new era of political correctness. He nicely brought his thoughts through this awesome track “We’re from penrith” Hope you can catch his message. 

The ideas are presented with a new edge of reflective, poetic depth, so it feels refreshing – it compels you, draws you in and provokes thought; whilst prompting you to hit rewind for a closer listen to those little gems scattered throughout.

Scene-setting and detailing are second to none, the artist holding attention with vocal and his magic alone. Absolutely worth the time it takes to delve in.

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