Yo Body by K-Shawn x Cam Golden

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Brilliantly fascinating, shockingly focused on its theme both artistically and philosophically – K-Shawn and Cam Golden’s brilliantly topical Yo Body reignites the mellow, story-telling tone of hip hop’s alternative giants.

Heavy beats with a heavy edge of bass, contrasted yet balanced by a smoother, lighter vocal line — the artists combine melody and rap for this wonderfully detailed scene-setter of a late-night song.

K-Shawn and Cam Golden combine dramatic samples and intricacy to truly build the tone on this track, which starts with a varied vocal lead and is backed up by that continuously pleasant ambiance.

Yo Body responds swiftly to the rhythmic singing and theatrics that take place between the music and the performers. One of the single’s early highlights is a sophisticated and striking track. It blends classical notions with contemporary reflections, a quality that is present throughout much of the record.

While not dripping in auto-tune, the track is upfront and neatly mixed, highlighting the natural tone, confidence, and character of everyone who contributed to it. The single feels somewhat like a freestyle as it pours through, with small lines serving as loops of anthemic weight.

In a way that is both new and honest, while also being cleverly tuned in to what performs on a modern level, K-Shawn and Cam Golden combine good songwriting with odd metaphors and a clearly unfolding storyline to create an output that is both memorable and effective on a modern level.

However, there are just enough echoes of influence and familiarity to allow the audience to have a genuine connection with the piece.

Clever bars, one-of-a-kind sound design, passion, and accuracy fused – Yo Body shines out for its character strength, skill, and professionalism all at once. This summer, it’s well worth a couple of spins.

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