You’re a Star by SV, Capo, & Gage feat. Alleys

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Lovely saxophone tones, melodic synths and fast beats can move you at a fast pace; “You’re a star” can give you a fresh and unique feeling while keeping you in a surprising state.

SV, Capo, & Gage, formally of The Perfect Strangers, embark on a compelling Sci-Fi Hip Hop concept album into the depths of the ICE CAP. This song is called You’re a Star of the Ice Cap album, Jim’s Pool Room 2021.

You’re a Star is a hip hop/Jazz music track produced by Capo. Kevon Scott plays the saxophone parts. The song is a part of a story explained in the Youtube description below.

“As the Crew of Two and Bruce wander through Icetown, they stumble into a local tavern and immediately are serenaded/heckled by a bard/mystic holy man character voiced by Alleyes Manifest (aka James Wavey). He basically gives this cryptic warning to the pair about being at a crossroads: picking revenge on enemies or picking mercy/ peace. After this interaction, Moonman and Ice Cap feel better about their chances in the upcoming Battle against The Fire Army.”

You’re a Star is a surprising song that has various tones and beats throughout the song. The saxophone parts gives this song a fresh and lovely feeling, while the beats provide a challenging emotion. Filled up with computerized synths and extraordinary rapping parts, You’re a Star works as a hip hop song in one part and then like a Jazz song which makes it a surprising piece. But, the mixture is both exciting and alluring, which urge you to hear it again and again.

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