Ädept’s New Chill Beat With Party Vibes – Our Night

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Ädept is the professional name of Chart Meredith, a music producer out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Since last year he has released a series of singles under the Ädept moniker. Each release finds the talented composer and beatmaker collaborating with vocalists from around the world. His sound is a wonderfully unique mix of Pop, Hip-hop and Electronic music. It is a refreshing sound that refuses classification. 

Chart’s fearless approach to music is an extension of his attitude toward life as a whole. A self described “life adventurer,” he has travelled the world, from Utah to New Zealand. This, despite having been the victim of a near-fatal car crash in 2009 which left him paralyzed from the chest down. However he has not let his injuries slow him down and channels his energy into his creative endeavors.

Creatives serve a crucial purpose. They digest the world; influences go in, creativity comes out. They show us new and diverse viewpoints on life. 

Chart Meredith (Ädept)

“Our Night” is the latest single from Ädept. The track blends ambient synths with wildly creative World Beat percussion and keen Pop sensibilities. Fellow SLC artist PBH joins Florida rapper Skrilla on vocals. Lyrically the track recounts a wild night on the town with friends. It is easily the most beautiful song about drinking and drugging that we’ve heard in a long time.

Check out “Our Night” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Ädept. Stay in the loop on all of this dynamic artist’s current and future projects.




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